“Born as a Human, lost in an inHuman World” !

Well, basically have nothing to brag about, so thought something philosophical would be catchy! 😉

Born and raised in city of Mumbai, India and currently reside in Pune, India.

I am an experienced Information Technology professional with demonstrated expertise in design, implement & administration of datacenter virtualisation and cloud products by VMware and by Pivotal(Cloud Foundry). Though majority of my exprience have been around datacenter virtualisation, I have had my hands on other Wintel & Storage technologies and have bit of linux background.

Being super-passionate about technology, I enjoy working on and learn different & new technologies & find out innovative as well as creative ways for implementing technology. I love to help people and making them understand technology. And I am always up for new challanges!

When I am not working

You can either find me trying my hands on cooking ( a wanna be chef!) or wandering in woods or somewhere near beach or at the food joints trying new things!

I am an amature mobile photographer and love to capture Sunries and Sunsets.

I also have a strong urge to give back to the community I live in and hence I occasionally volunteer for cause, espcially the ones related to education & development of underprivileged and few environmental programs, as and when I can.

This is my personal website and you can expect me to ramble about life, technology, travel or basically anything that I find intresting!

That’s the least you can expect from this website, But yeah.. as I said, I am always up for challenges and I keep looking for new opportunites and also I sometimes consider doing freelance.. so if you have good prospect or have opportunities that may match my expertise, do get in touch with me through contact options provided below :

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